Dear Pastor,
As a Missionary Counselor with R.O.M.A Missions, and Director of God's Way Services, I would like to personally offer my services to you, and your congregation.
Professional Pastoral Christian Counseling can be quite expensive. For example, my fee to non-church members is $50.00 per person for a 50 minute session. For married couples my fee is $75.00 per session. In addition to a counseling fee is a mandatory Temperament Analysis Profile Test (Arno Profile System Test) that is required! This is a one time expense of $30.00 to each counselee engaging my services. This is presented during the first session, and before counseling can continue into the second session this needs to be completed for clinical reasons along with the counseling format that I use as a Licensed Clinical Pastoral Counselor and Therapist.
Something that I have been praying about, that God has placed on my heart, is to be a blessing to churches and pastors. This might seem a little unorthodox to you and some, but if you are reading this; I can only conclude that you are a pastor in a local church full of people that God has placed a sacred responsibility with, in caring for their souls.
My offer to you is this, Pastor.... “Please understand this, I am not willing to compromise my Biblical position or calling in any way. However, I am willing to partner with you and your church on a monthly support basis, as a Missionary Counselor. As a church if you can afford support me through R.O.M.A. Outreach Missions on a monthly basis, then I would personally offer my services to your church members at a reduced agreed upon amount. The A. P. S. / T. A. P. would still remain the same at $30.00! In the event that the lesser amount for the counselee is not affordable for whatever reason, we can discuss some other options. Also Pastor if you would have need of my services, personally, there would be no counseling cost. Just for the A. P. S. / T. A. P.”
Pastor, prayerfully consider the services that are being offered to you. You as the pastor already have enough to invest yourself in, for the high calling of Christ Jesus in your life and ministry. Perhaps this is an answer to one of your prayers, where the demand of your time, and stress load can be reduced. This will enable you to dedicate more of yourself to the study, preaching and teaching of God’s Word as your church’s pastor. I am reminded of Moses and what his father in law spoke to him about in Exodus 18. This is what compels me in this matter!
Thank you for taking the time to read this message, and for your prayerful consideration of possibly retaining “God's Way Services” in your ministry and church. If you would like, I would be more than willing to come and share this concept with you and your church! Let me know if you are interested.
Looking unto Jesus,
Dr. Paul E. McLaughlin
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