Cloudy Background for GWS Policies


God's Way Services has a hearts desire to assist you, with the help of the Lord, the Word of God, our professional training and life experiences. To keep this ministry continuing for you and for others, we call your attention to the following information and policies..

The normal cost for private individual counseling with a Ph.D. level counselor is $115.00 and above. If you have an adequate income, we would appreciate your financial support in the amount of $50.00 which is very reasonable.

If $50.00 per single counseling session or $75.00 per couple is to difficult, based upon your weekly gross income, we can discuss something more affordable to God's way Services for your counseling needs.

Your counselor may recommend specific books or other tests. The cost for these items are in addition to the session fees and due when administered. An APS Profile is mandatory before any counseling during the 1st session. This fee is for $30.00, payable to Dr. Paul E. McLaughlin, not BBC / God’s Way Services, for clinical processing and handling.

Fees and Billing: Counseling and fees are determined by the Financial Policies Form or a Financial Assistance Application & Determination Letter used by God’s Way Services. Full payment shall be made at the beginning of each session. Payments can be made with cash, check or credit card. God’s Way Services will not extend credit. A $25.00 fee will be applied to all NSF payments. Please make checks out to BBC / God’s Way Services, unless otherwise instructed.

In addition to the financial investment we would encourage you to consider the commitment it takes to follow through with the homework the counselor is going to give. Not doing assigned work or not having a strong desire and willingness to follow through with changes will bring a poor return on both of our investments.

Appointment time: God's Way Services schedules appointments in such a way as to avoid waiting times. However, in rare situations they do occur. When they do we ask for your patience. We would also ask that our clients have similar respect for time. Client sessions are scheduled for 50 minutes. If you the client are more than 15 minutes late the appointment will be shortened and possibly canceled.

Canceling appointments: If you are unable to make an appointment please call 24 hours in advance so we have the opportunity to assist another client. Clients, who do not give 24 hr. notice, baring an emergency, will be charged a $25.00 fee. Due to the nature of the Pastoral Counseling Profession no shows can be very stressful. The likelihood that a client is going through a crisis is very high. When someone simply does not show we must evaluate the possibility of a crisis and the need for immediate intervention.

Assignments: It is vital that you the client do the assignments the counselor gives. As the Bible says you will reap what you sow. If you put forth a halfhearted attempt at the homework you will get a halfhearted return. There is no magic button a counselor can push to bring about healing or impart truth and new understanding. It requires your desire and effort. If you as a client do not follow through on the assignments then the counselor may choose to cover the same material that was covered in the previous session or, in some cases, cancel the session altogether. It is nearly impossible to help someone that chooses not to participate in their own healing. We firmly believe that the client should have more invested in solving their issues than the counselor.

Terminating Counseling: Counseling is normally terminated by mutual consent between the client and counselor because they have reached the set goals. This can occur in either verbal or written form. However, both the client and the counselor have the right to terminate counseling at any time. If you, the client, miss scheduled appointments, fail to schedule an appointment for two consecutive weeks (unless previously agreed upon) or do not reply to our attempts to contact you, God's Way Services as well as your counselor will understand this to mean that you have chosen to terminate counseling. When counseling is terminated for any reason a termination of counseling notice will be placed in the client file. The termination of counseling notice may be sent along with a service assessment form to the client, but receipt of these forms are not necessary for them to be in affect.