Night in its darkest element surrounds me with such a thick blanket of melancholy, that takes its own road map in time, without soliciting permission to navigate. Ricocheting back and forth to the musical score composed by the Issuer of Life! My appetite for yesterday is being replaced by the memories of a fractured life; Though I feel the regrets of inner loneliness, hope seems to be playing hide and seek with me.

This was once an all too familiar circumstance that diseased and distressed me. When I fail to see the terms of acceptance along with its malignant symptoms, those vacillating injections, palpitations of emotional discontentment, and subjugation, direct me to a road of better understanding, solace, and closure. It was there and then that my sorrow turned to joy, and my God nurtured and delivered me!

Though the night in its darkest element stalks and surrounds you, with a relentless pendulum that seems to target you with insensitive cruelty; The road will eventually bring you to an intersection of tolerable release, where and when your sundown, your dark night will, and can change, there is a new dawn coming, Sonrise is near, and hope is in the horizon to meet you.

Don’t be afraid to embrace the day that has risen before you, we are never truly alone, though it seems like yesterday has been stolen from us. It’s time to plant new dreams that can blossom into something very wonderful, we will always have the night upon us however, the Sonrise is nearby. The only obstacle and detriment, for any of us in moving forward,
Will be our own fears in living for today, and for those who have gone on before us.

“Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints.” Psalm 116:15

Giving thanks,