*Creation Therapy /Temperament Therapy Counseling
*Substance Abuse and Addiction Therapy Counseling
*Crisis and Abuse Therapy Counseling
*Domestic Violence and Intervention Therapy Counseling
*Integrated Marriage and Family Therapy Counseling
*Weddings and Memorial Services
*Death and Grief Therapy Counseling
*Student Enrollment Training: Creation Therapy & Created In God’s Image
*C. A. I. (Certified Academic Institute) "GWS Christian Counseling Institute"
*Sexual Therapy Counseling
*A. P. S. / T. A. P. Reports: Clinical, Personal, Personnel(Apply or request one online)

Notice of declaration: All counseling services that are offered through God’s Way Services require the use of God’s Word and prayer on a regular basis with each client.

Dr McLaughlin in counseling
Prior to any counseling sessions an A. P. S. (Arno Profile System Test) will need to be generated.

If you or anyone you know would be interested in having their very own personal T. A. P. (Temperament Analysis Profile) generated; go to the APS / TAP tab, and follow the instructions for this service. The cost is $30.00 that can be paid either through PayPal, by sending a money order or a cashiers check payable to “God’s Way Services” directly.

If you are a ministry leader, the person in charge, or a business owner: wouldn’t it be worth your while to have a better understanding of your present or future employees job performances? Based upon their temperament you can know what they are best suited for in the workplace, and God’s service with a proven method for this valuable information. A Personnel APS / TAP Report might be your answer to being more effective for the cause of Christ, and for the potential of your business!

Counseling Fees

My hearts desire is to minister to you with the Lord's help, the Word of God, my training and personal life experience. In order to keep God's way Services available for you and for others, I need to call your attention to the following financial policy.

The normal cost for private individual counseling with a Ph.D. level counselor is $115.00 and above. If you have an adequate income, we would appreciate your financial support in the amount of $50.00 which is very reasonable.

If $50.00 per single counseling session or $75.00 per couple is to difficult, based upon your weekly gross income, we can discuss something more affordable to God's way Services for your counseling needs.

As a general rule, you will NOT be charged for professional advice given over the telephone, outside of your scheduled session, if the call is brief (15 minutes or less). Should the situation require a longer session, a fee will be charged in ½ hour increments.

Thank you for your time and attention in this matter, and for helping someone else receive help too, by sustaining this ministry financially.

Use the payment button or contact Dr. McLaughlin for payment information.

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